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The imagINe Project (2014)

A retrospective....

In the fall of 2014, I was invited along with 23 members of the Swarthmore community to celebrate the diversity of experience and thought on campus. Our role? To share our unique personas by combining professional photography and our own creative energies in the form of a portrait. Below is mine, taken by Adam Mastoon and illustrated by myself, that has hung in Clothier Hall for the past two years (since I was a freshman). It is seen by members of the student body and faculty everyday, and I hope it encourages my fellow undergraduates to constantly see each other in an empathetic and different light. Looking back on how I have grown in the past couple of years, I am excited for what I have yet to offer my community, secure in the knowledge that I am not a stagnant being.

For further information on the project and other portraits, please visit this link:

To view an accompanying video, please visit this link:

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